Jobs University are direct and to the point, focusing on useful, practical knowledge. You’ll learn how to read a balance sheet. How to prospect and sell. How to run an effective meeting and manage employees. How to write a good email. How to negotiate a term sheet. Using social media. In short, everything you need to know to be valuable and relevant to an employer. We’ll teach you how CEOs and executives think, and how business really runs. Our mission is to tilt the odds in your favor, so you can find a good job, or get a better one, and get your shot at the American dream.

Jobs University is building a rich curriculum of courses. If you have interest in a specific course please contact us.


Google Drive & Collaboration
Practical Communication
Practical Finance
Entrepreneurial Finance
Professional Social Media


Sales Fundamentals
Advanced Sales
Applied Sales
Sales Innovation


Marketing Fundamentals
Advanced Marketing
Applied Marketing
Marketing Innovation


Management Fundamentals
Advanced Management
Applied Management
Management Innovation